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OBN Security is setting the standard

The bar can be set no higher.
In the high-jump, hi-tech world within which the protection of financial, physical and intellectual property is being perpetually threatened and challenged, OBN Security is a proven leader in turning back the bad guys. And it loves beating them at their game. It is, in fact, obsessed.
The threats can be of any kind, and whether they are man-made or natural disasters, threats to business continuity, disruptions due to terrorism, shareholder or special interests activism or, as the modern phrase denotes, “ordinary decent crime”, company guards need to be effectively and reasonably prepared. Global organization of criminals, money laundering and the risks from internal fraud are truly threats to the survival of even the most robust organization. OBN Security has the answers to these modern day, worrying challenges.
“OBN Security is a leading security and investigative agency that specializes in uncovering the truth. No matter whether it is a wolf or a clever white-collar criminal, they all leave tracks. At OBN Security we have the ultimate team of trackers, investigators, security experts and certified fraud examiner.

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About Us

Since 1999, OBN Security & Investigative Consultants Inc. has been working with companies, institutions and government entities to ensure secure and safe work environments and to provide expert investigation of employee relations matters, labour relations issues and boardroom-level concerns. OBN Security offers a comprehensive range of security and investigative solutions to its clients. We combine undercover, surveillance, uniformed security and technology services to ensure the best practices in minimizing risk, discouraging malingerers and stopping dishonesty, abuse, fraud and theft.
OBN Security is a leader in the security and investigations industry. We retain an ‘A’ list of clients. OBN Security operates internationally from Canada through affiliates around the world and discreetly serves executives, corporations and protected assets through our 24/7 availability.

OBN Security is setting the standard.