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Before Gordon Gekko’s famed Wall Street quote of “Greed is good,” companies such as Enron Corp., Goldman Sachs and WorldCom had yet to lose huge amounts of market value due to wrongdoing by executives whose income was linked closely to the corporations’ fortunes.

Today, white-collar crime is so widespread that police forces are unable to devote either the time or the resources to investigate and prosecute the growing number of corporate frauds that seem to overwhelm the financial sector. The result, of course, is often fatal. With its resources and profits drained or strained by corporate fraud, a company quickly loses its competitive edge. Market shares shrink; stockholders first get angry and then pull up stakes. The company flounders if it is lucky, or dies if its luck has run out. However this situation can be avoided.

It is a basic fact that good governance demands that organizations have sophisticated processes in place to minimize the chance of corporate fraud. They need a modern day anti-Gekko device to minimize the chance of corporate fraud through measures designed to effectively detect and prevent potential fraud before the coffers ever get raided. OBN Security is that device.

It offers services at the critical leading edge, with court-certified forensic experts able to pour over the books and quickly sniff out the source of fraudulent activity. Then, they go to work building a strong legal case for prosecution and, most importantly, laying out the framework for a proactive system that will prevent reoccurrence of fraud. No more real-life Gordon Gekko.

OBN Security’s teams of experts have, in fact, successfully investigated millions of dollars in white-collar crime. Fraudulent transactions range from corporate theft and out right embezzlement, in every venue, from financial institutions to the recycling industry and courier services. We have seen it all and expect to see much more.

Product Summary

When inviting investigators into highly sensitive situations, make sure they have the experience, knowledge and determination that exists throughout OBN Security’s superb investigative team.

Price: Various

• Grey marketing research
• Counter-intelligence services
• Fraud investigations
• Technical and DNA investigations
• Surveillance (electronic and physical) services
• Criminal, civil and financial investigations
• Patent infringement audits
• Pre-employment reviews

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.