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obnsecurity | OBN is forever vigilant.

OBN is forever vigilant.

The employee turned intruder has a distinct advantage. They know the layout of the workplace, they know where the most damage can be done and how it can be accomplished but, because of its experience, so does OBN It always does the utmost to be one step ahead.
Labour strikes, however, are much like fingerprints. None are exactly alike. Each has its own twists and turns, many of which can be anticipated when skilled professionals like those at OBN have their experienced eyes on the situation.
Nonetheless, OBN will always devise a contingency plan. Nothing is left to chance. A labour strike is no place to gamble on an uncertain situation. Far too much is at stake for half measures. OBN provides nothing but full value.


OBN’s strength is our impartial and professional approach to strike management issues.
OBN security consultants are capable of providing

• Picket-line monitoring and videotaping
• On-site security monitoring
• Executive protection
• Safe transportation of personnel

• Investigative teams
• Security personnel
• CCTV coverage
• Pre-employment background screening

For additional information, contact OBN headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.