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Security Services

OBN Security employs over 200 security guards operating 190,000 permanent hours per year of uniformed guarding services in the Greater Toronto Area. Permanent being defined as re-occurring, full time, weekly hours under contract. This figure does not include special events, short-term guarding or any investigations, labour disputes, surveillance, undercover work or short-term armed guarding work.

Some of our contracts speak directly to providing highly trained, qualified and certified security guards. Our staff of supervisors and security guards throughout OBN Security is expected to operate as one. When our clients, whether it’s a member of faculty, staff, students, employee or visitor encounter a member of our security team, no matter what location time or reason, we are committed to providing the best customer service possible.

Operations and Services

• Professional and reliable service
• Office hours from 08:00hrs (8:00a.m.) until 20:00hrs (8:00 p.m.)
• 24/7 monitored phone lines (to deal with any issue or emergency)
• Quick response to any problem by mobile guards and/or management
• Knowing that each and every client’s needs are different
• Pre-screening security guards to match each client’s requirements
• Your concerns are our concerns, we work together to solve any problems
• All employees are bonded and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
• On-site post orders, which will change as your needs change
• All reports are duplicated; one is the property of the client and the other on file at our office. All reports are filed for seven years for future reference if needed
• OBN Security takes great pride in the professional relationships which we develop with our corporate clients

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