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Security Audits

Security Audits are necessary to test the integrity and strength of your Master Security Plan. A trained security professional will drill down and find the gaps in your organization preventing shrinkage, espionage, criminal acts or civil liability. You may need our services if one or more of these apply to you:

• Your last security audit was 5 or more years ago
• You suspect internal theft in your organization
• You are moving to a new location
• Your business model has changed and you now manufacture/inventory/distribute high value items
• Your inventory includes electronics
• You require access control improvements
• You suspect your “technology” is out of date (cameras, alarms, access control)

• Poor key control practices
• Insurance requirement
• Regulatory requirement
• Change in ownership or senior management
• The notion of security is not part of your employee culture
• You said to yourself, “Wow, how did that happen?”

You will be provided with a professionally prepared report detailing the issues you are facing. Items will be prioritized, and where possible, will include an estimated financial commitment to correct. Our consultants will present to your senior management team and can assist with project roll-out and show you how to maintain momentum while minimizing the impact to your operations.

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.