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obnsecurity | Advantages


• To ensure safety and to protect personal and corporate property
• To record evidence of any damage, injuries or breaches of the peace
• To gather evidence regarding possible injunction applications
• To prevent false insurance claims
• To monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic
• To provide a clearly written policy statement regarding company access, confrontations with unlawful picketers, compensation for damages to property of non-striking employees and guidelines for recording working time and collection of pay
• A corporate legal team at the ready
• A game plan second to none
• Experienced strike management professionals on-site
• Law enforcement liaison
• Overt and covert video documentation
• Post-strike intelligence, which includes documented support of criminal charges, support for application for injunctive relief and support for defending any unfair labour practice complaints

OBN Security can assist management with all aspects of the planning, implementation and execution of the strike plan. This process is done in a professional manner while keeping the company’s image intact.

OBN Security has provided various multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies with labour dispute management assistance. All labour disputes were brought to a successful conclusion without any incidents of violence.

Why not guarantee your company this kind of assurance?

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.