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Concierge Attendants

First impressions count – a lot! Strong front-line security is essential in today’s world. OBN Security deploys licensed security personnel with strong interpersonal skills and current safety training to manage your front door. We understand the importance of a positive encounter with your site and the need to protect people, property and your public image at all times.

OBN Security uses specifically chosen security personnel to manage concierge assignments. We reflect the profile of your building and act as an extension of the property management team at your front door. OBN Security concierge attendants ensure the safety of tenants, guests, and visitors at your site. We act as your ambassador to the outside world while assuring safety standards are maintained and security is never compromised.

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.