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Pre-Employment Screening

OBN Security Employment Screening Services determine whether prospective job applicants or promotion candidates have presented themselves, their work experience and their professional credentials accurately and truthfully. OBN Security has conducted reference checks on all levels of employees, managers and business executives in a myriad of businesses in Canada, the United States of America and South America.

Working from a risk management and human resources perspective, OBN Security staff provides your organization with reference checking, employment verification and confirmation of both post-secondary education and professional credentials. With the candidate’s signed consent, OBN Security will also provide the results of credit checks and criminal conviction checks. These services can be provided on a nationwide scale and performed within a 48-hour turnaround period.

Urgent, 24-hour turnaround service is also available. Your account representative will keep you informed as the file progresses, relaying important information in a timely manner. Once armed with critical and relevant information, the decision-maker can make informed corporate decisions and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

In today’s competitive market, it is extremely important to find the right people for the job. OBN Security Employment Screening Services enable the employer to make informed decisions during their hiring processes. We are committed to providing the most accurate information in a timely, cost-effective manner.

We look forward to working with you to address your screening needs.


Employment screening has consistently proven itself as a realistic method to protect businesses and their corporate reputations from determined criminals. Conducting due diligence on potential hires, also demonstrates to employees and shareholders alike that management is serious about making the workplace safe and secure for employees and corporate property. Conducting employment screening makes good business sense and protects the corporate goodwill that the client has strived to establish.

Employment screening is a process of verifying information about an applicant or a current employee. It also pertains to assessing an individual’s capabilities with respect to the position he or she has applied for or is being considered for. Professional inquiries are conducted to verify, among other things, past employment history, educational accomplishments and the presence or absence of criminal activity. With respect to criminal activity, the screening process gives management the proper tools to identify potential problem employees before they are hired.

This proactive screening process allows an employer the opportunity to prevent a determined criminal from targeting their business. Any employer who deals in valuable commodities, financial documents or items of value, knows the damage that can be done by fraudsters and thieves. Once hired, the process of removing a problem employee can be extremely costly and time-consuming.


Employment screening typically includes any or all of the following:
• Employment verification
• Credit / financial history check
• Education verification
• Criminal / security check
• Reference check
• Reputation and / or skills assessment
• MTO/ driver’s licence abstracts


OBN Security is extremely proud of the diverse capabilities of our staff.
Our multicultural staff’s skills include fluency in the following languages:
• French • Czech • Yugoslavian
• Spanish • Guyanese • Russian
• Italian • Polish • Serbian
• German • Portuguese • Ukrainian
• Chinese • Bulgarian
• Cantonese and Mandarin

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.