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undercover operatives is an investigative strategy used to identify management challenges and employee relations issues which are often only rumored to exist. These issues are generally related to:
• Internal theft and fraud
• Performance management
• Labour relations
• Morale

OBN Security designs undercover programs to meet your specific requirements. In consultation with your case manager, OBN Security deploys specially trained personnel to work as regular employees in your place of business, and reports are provided on a routine basis on target subject’s activities such as theft, mismanagement, morale issues and drug abuse.

Undercover surveillance assures that management has its finger on the pulse of internal activities that are critical to the well-being of the organization, without disrupting the flow of business or disturbing employees. Where corruption or criminal activity is uncovered, OBN Security has the expertise and connections to law enforcement to ensure that evidence gathered is acceptable to the courts and the undercover assignment produces an outcome that enhances company performance.

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.