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obnsecurity | Threat and Risk Assessment

Threat and Risk Assessment

Risk assessments assist employers in ensuring the on-site protection of personnel, physical assets and confidential information. OBN Security conducts risk assessments through site visits, staff interviews and confidential questionnaires. On completion of an OBN Security risk assessment, employers receive:

• A full report identifying the hazards in the workplace
• An evaluation of the risk associated with those hazards
• Recommendations to certify best practices in eliminating or minimizing risk

Employers use risk assessments to:

• Determine best practices in protecting the health and safety of workers with due regard to legislative requirements
• Evaluate risk to make an informed selection of equipment, chemical substances or preparations used, outfitting the workplace and organizing workflow
• Ensure that existing measures are adequate
• Prioritize further measures to optimize enhancements to existing measures
• Demonstrate to internal clients, authorities, workers and their representatives that all factors pertinent to the work have been considered and that an informed, valid judgment has been made determining the risks and measures necessary to safeguard health and safety
• Assure that preventive measures and process improvements considered necessary following a risk assessment are effective and enhance the level of worker protection.

Risk assessments are conducted in a collaborative manner with OBN Security personnel and your team to ensure full disclosure of areas of concern and effective recommendations to minimize or eliminate risks. Upon request, an OBN Security consultant will meet with you on-site, determine the size and scope of the assessment required and provide a proposal to conduct an assessment structured to meet your unique requirements.

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.