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Armed Guard Services

OBN Security is licensed to offer clients armed protective services. In response to changing requirements in the world of security, OBN Security has obtained a Firearms Business license through the auspices of the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario and the RCMP. Experienced security guard staff who exhibit the exemplary qualities required to deliver armed services are routinely identified and encouraged to complete the Certificate of Proficiency in Firearms Training and the Authorization to Carry Firearms certificate. OBN Security has 18 Qualified Armed Security Personnel on staff and who authorized to carry firearms in the execution of their duties. OBN Security is continuously increasing the number of security personnel qualified to deliver this exceptional level of client service as security requirements continue to escalate.


Armed guard services are deployed under particular circumstances in accordance with the criteria established by the Chief Firearms Office. OBN Security and OBN Policy provides armed services when clients require stationary armed guarding, the transport of valuables or close personal protection.
Circumstances that warrant armed protection are:
• Transport of cash and other negotiable materials
• Delivery of precious metals, luxury items or narcotics
• Display of significant assets; art works, jewelry, etc.
• VIP events
• High Risk Manufacturing

Armed guards are dispatched to protect property, valuables and the persons associated with property or valuables at risk. Armed guards are also deployed to provide close protection to individuals and their families at risk due to their position or public persona.

Armed security is a very serious undertaking. In the interest of all stakeholders and in accordance with government regulation, meetings are scheduled with prospective clients to review their risk and determine the best security strategy to protect both people and property. Planning, dialogue and site reviews are essential to assure that armed security is the best, most cost-effective and appropriate security strategy for the circumstances of each and every client.

For additional information, contact OBN Security headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.