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obnsecurity | Women’s Street Safe Professional Self-Protection

Women’s Street Safe Professional Self-Protection

A non-martial arts system of instilling a natural and instinctive physical ability to disengage and/or control dangerous situations

The U.R.C Tactical “IRIS System” approach to self –protection, is a “Use of Force” based “tactile” system which uses no punching or striking, but techniques which trigger deeply embedded “Nervous System Defensive Responses”. We achieve this through manipulation of sensory input systems in the subject, which causes them to immediately cease their actions or back down into U.O.F. friendly postures or positions.By using deeply embedded “natural and instinctive” offensive actions the system can be taught and retained in a short period of time, be flexible in its application and be used immediately under stress without hesitation.

What are the issues?
The world is awash with many different “martial artists” putting their spin on women’s self-defense. The problem is that all of these styles are based upon some form of defense derived from a system that has a sport mentality. They take many years to perfect the moves, (hence the many different colours of belts) they have complex and challenging techniques and lastly, they are made for sport and not the reality of unprovoked attack in a vast array of environments.

They very rarely take into consideration factors such as a woman’s size, strength, attire, psychological and emotional dis-temper towards violence (either to them or them unto another). More importantly they are based on what to do after someone is attacking you. Not, how to make sure that doesn’t occur at all. We shall teach you how to avoid those situations altogether.

What is the answer?
Simply put….the “IRIS System” of self-protection!

The “IRIS System”, is a system that is natural and instinctive. A system that is immediately reproducible outside of the training arena. A system that can be learned and mastered within hours, not weeks or months or years. A system that does not need weekly training in order to be effectively retained by the user. A system that helps women manipulate a more often than not, larger attacker no matter what size, fitness level or skill set the woman has.

What will be taught:

• Canadian Use of Force Law relating to self-protection
• The difference between self-defense and self-protection
• Threat recognition
• 7 survival signals
• 3 steps for survival
• Passive stance awareness/de-escalation techniques
• Adrenal stress condition awareness and self-control
• The “Predator” mindset
• 3 things a predator doesn’t want
• Types of violence
• 360 degree No-Vision escape from holds or traps
• High speed “tactile” dis-engagement/takedowns
• How martial arts or combat systems are not the answer

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an introductory meeting regarding our training concepts and program costs.

For additional information, contact OBN headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.