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obnsecurity | Advanced Extreme Close Quarters Combat Survival Concepts

Advanced Extreme Close Quarters Combat Survival Concepts

Accelerated Survival and Defensive Tactics Platform
U.R.C. Tactical, Advanced Extreme CQC approach to self-protection is a “tactile” system that is behaviourally and scientifically rooted which uses concepts to trigger deeply embedded “Nervous System Defensive Responses”. We achieve this through manipulation of sensory input systems in the subject, which causes them to immediately cease their actions, back down into U.O.F. friendly postures or positions or attempts at defensive disengagement.
By using deeply embedded “natural and instinctive” offensive actions this system can be taught and retained in a short period of time, be flexible in its application and be used immediately under stress without hesitation.
The concepts are designed to be used by the general public or law enforcement personnel, the novice fighter as well as the seasoned fighter. Due to the instinctive and “primal regression” nature of the training, the body’s natural physiological and biological survival process will take over.
The concepts are useable by anyone, regardless of age, gender, size or athleticism. There is no need for repetitive training, memorization of complicated techniques which are unavailable under extreme duress or high levels of athleticism.
Unlike our I.R.I.S. System, the Advanced Extreme CQC does incorporate striking, however the striking used is also of an instinctive nature and requires no muscle memory and no substantial amount of strength to be effective.

*Note: The concept does allow for Use of Force friendly outcomes in minimum violence situations as well as applications for maximum violence situations.*

Law enforcement/security and Ministry of Corrections applications are available in regards to UOF Retention and Third Party Rescue.

What will be taught:
• Principles of physical retaliation
• High speed/organic de-escalation techniques
• Adrenal stress condition awareness and self-control
• 360 degree No-Vision disengagement from non-telegraphic engagement
• 360 degree No-Vision escape from holds or traps
• Passive stance/passive stance awareness
• Multiple attacker domination
• Ground extraction techniques
• Spontaneous knife defense
• Tactical dis-engagement
• Weapon and Use of Force retention

Our unique methods of training and concepts have been proven to be effectively instilled and reproduced within 4 hours.
Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an  introductory meeting regarding our training concepts and  program costs.

For additional information, contact OBN headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.