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obnsecurity | Professional Self-Protection Unarmed Control Systems

Professional Self-Protection Unarmed Control Systems

Accelerated L.E/Security Officer and Civilian Survival Defensive Tactics Platform

U.R.C Tactical “IRIS System” approach to self-protection, is a “Use of Force” based “tactile” system which uses no punching or striking, but techniques which trigger deeply embedded “Nervous System Defensive Responses”. We achieve this through manipulation of sensory input systems in the subject, which causes them to immediately cease their actions or back down into dis-engagement friendly postures or positions.
By using deeply embedded “natural and instinctive” offensive actions, this system can be taught and retained in a short period of time, be flexible in its application and be used immediately under stress without hesitation.

The core system becomes a universal engagement/dis-engagement tactical ability which, in turn, increases the ability to integrate other U.O.F options such as strong Covert Improvised Defensive Tactics or Ground Extraction Techniques. The system is unique in technique and ease of use for users of both genders and from all backgrounds regardless of age or physical abilities. Skills that are functional, practical and instinctive are paramount to a successful outcome in today’s real and organic L.E or security situations.

Upon completion of the core system, officers will be able to produce under stress:
• High speed/organic de-escalation techniques
• Adrenal stress condition awareness and self-control
• 360 degree No-Vision disengagement from non-telegraphic engagement
• 360 degree No-Vision U.O.F retention
• 360 degree No-Vision escape from holds or traps
• Ability to affect low-level defense or controls, upon passive or active resistive subjects, without sacrificing the readiness of U.O.F options.
• High speed tactile takedowns

Teaching a “tactile” U.O.F. friendly skill set which can easily be modified to allow access to other U.O.F options for control, compliance, direction and takedown immediately and effectively provides the user with heightened confidence. In turn, this bolsters a positive effect on their ability to engage other U.O.F. assessment tactics and skills under stress.

U.R.C. Tactical “IRIS System” is based upon a system which, since 2004, has yet to have knowledge of a single “misuse of force” incident. This is due to the ease of learning, its low profile and low-level force nature and extremely efficient placement within U.O.F. models. It is also extremely easy for the officer to articulate in post incident analysis.

Decreased Liability…Increased user safety and skill set…Decreased training timeframes…results in spending less and increasing the internal training system.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an introductory meeting regarding our training concepts and program costs.

For additional information, contact OBN headquarters at 1-(416)-253-7416 or toll free 1-866-626-5900.